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Who We Are

PolycreteUSA is the US distributor for Polycrete Big Block, the internationally acknowledged leader in commercial insulated concrete forming (ICF) technology. Since 1988 Polycrete engineers have developed and advanced this highly robust and exceptionally energy efficient construction method throughout Canada, Europe, South America and Asia.    

We believe sustainable construction must also be fast, strong and economical. That's why we're dedicated to making it EASY to design, build and own energy efficient buildings that can stand up to fire, flood and tornado-strength wind.

What's An ICF?

ICFs are forms for building reinforced concrete walls. After the concrete cures, the forms stay in place and serve as the building’s insulation. Sheetrock attaches directly to the ICF on the inside and your exterior finish -- brick, stucco, metal, glass -- whatever you like -- attaches directly to the outside surface.

Polycrete Big Block commercial grade insulated concrete form system eliminates subcontractors, saves money and gets your project completed fast. Polycrete  ICFs get you a structural wall, fully insulated and ready for interior and exterior finishes all in one step. IT’S EASY.

ICFs are made from environmentally sound expanded polystyrene (EPS). EPS is an inert, non-biodegradable, non-allergenic material. It contains no toxins, does not off-gas, and won't encourage mold or mildew growth.

Polycrete's standard ICFs have an insulation value of  R21 - 24. Whole wall R values of 26 - 28 are easily achievable. High insulation values, minimal air infiltration and no thermal bridging reduce your energy costs by up to 40% and that makes it a great wall system for net zero energy buildings.

ICFs are widely used for building police and fire stations, schools, hotels, medical clinics, apartments and condos. The US military uses ICFs for barracks, offices, flight simulation facilities, hangars and secure mission critical structures like communication and data centers. PolycreteUSA helped the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop the specification for ICF construction that is used throughout the United States Military today.    

OK, I Like The Idea. Why Polycrete?

Polycrete Big Block is the first ICF designed specifically for commercial construction. At sixteen square feet per block, it's three times larger than typical ICFs. That means it installs fastest. We can also make any core width from 5-5/8" to 24" so it works great for projects ranging from a foundation to a twenty story apartment tower. 

Big Block is the only ICF anywhere that has a web of welded steel wire inside the  EPS panel so it is the strongest ICF in the world. That means it won't break or deform when you pour in the concrete and that's a Big Deal. Learn more about why all ICFs are not alike.

Polycrete Big Block has a steel wire cross tie system that is hinged and folds flat for shipping. Steel cross ties are always stronger than ordinary plastic ones, and they don't impede the flow of concrete. The hinged system allows us to get more on a truck and that saves you freight money. 

Our focus is to make it easy for you to choose Polycrete. Whether it’s by partnering with other technologies to reduce steps in the construction process or bringing in consultants to help you take advantage of energy efficient tax breaks. We constantly look for ways to make your job easier and building experience better.


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