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Don't Ever Stick It

You want an attractive building. You choose interior and exterior finishes to catch the eye of the best tenants or buyers.

Meanwhile, the structural integrity of the building, which is not immediately apparent, is equally important. You feel it in the firmness of the floor, the satisfying thunk of a closing door, and acoustics so pure you can hear a cat walking on carpet.

Wood construction perched on a concrete block foundation is not the low cost way to build your mid-rise multi family structure. Four stories of stick framing can yield a building with a slew of problems born of complexity, and unintended consequences can rear their ugly head.

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Imagine A Building That Practically Builds Itself

A few months back, we told you about a six-story Polycrete apartment building on which the contractor built the entire ICF portion in 6 weeks – a floor a week. That included all of the structural walls, floors and roof.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could pull that off, but we used our secret weapon: XpressWall.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: We start with your plans. We scan them into our proprietary software...

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Floating Concrete?

You may have heard that Pier 57 on Manhattan’s west side is undergoing a huge renovation. What you may not know is that its structural system is three individual concrete boxes, each 3 stories high and longer than a football field. They were cast in a dry lakebed in Rockland County and floated 40 miles down the Hudson.

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