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Urban Heat Islands and Cool Roofs

When I left the PolycreteUSA office in Richmond Virginia’s Manchester neighborhood one day recently, the thermometer in my truck said it was 101 degrees outside. Back at my farm 20 miles and a half hour later, it was 8 degrees cooler.

That’s a perfect example of what’s called the Urban Heat Island Effect. Cities generally have few trees and lots of dark-colored paved areas, roofs, and hard masonry or concrete surfaces that absorb and hold heat.

The design and construction community can help reduce urban heat island effect. We can help save lives, money, and stress on the electric grid. We can do this by including high insulation values, thermal mass, and cool roofs on all new construction.

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ICF Sounds Great, But How Do I Start?

You’re a commercial contractor, architect, or developer/owner. You’re intrigued by the idea of ICF but don’t know where to start or what to expect. Today’s your lucky day because we’re going to lift the veil of mystery!

This information applies only to Polycrete ICFs. Our product/system is unique in the industry and the services we provide are head and shoulders above industry standards.

The first thing you need to know is: WE ARE YOUR RESOURCE

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It’s Time for Safer Schools

When seven tornadoes ripped through the Richmond metro area with the remnants of Hurricane Florence, area school administrators declared students should shelter in place. That was a smart decision, given the circumstances and resources. But what would have happened if that twister hit a school full of kids?

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Offsite Construction

Current US construction activity is ahead of peak 2007 levels and we’re doing it with half a million fewer workers.

Everyone in the construction business knows there’s a labor and skills shortage, and that shortfall is driving the trend in offsite construction. It just makes sense that the more you can do in the factory, the less you have to do in the field.

PolycreteUSA Executive VP Bryant Wheeler says, “I’ve been involved with offsite construction processes for much of my career. I was building modular housing in the 1980’s. I panelized wall systems for multi-family housing that we shipped and assembled overseas as far back as the 90’s. Pre-cutting and panelizing Polycrete ICF walls is just a natural next step.”

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