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Richmond's affordable housing should be... affordable

A recent Richmond Times-Dispatch story reports on changes in Richmond’s affordable housing rules that will result in reduced costs for low income renters, but also less revenue for owners of apartment buildings. All the more reason to make sure buildings are designed to operate at peak efficiency.

The best place to start is with the building envelope. These are the components that make up the foundations, slab, walls and roof. A high performance building envelope will be simple to build, well insulated and low maintenance.  

          Polycrete seven story supportive housing building

          Polycrete seven story supportive housing building

If you believe that affordable and supportive housing should be affordable to build and also to operate over the long term, you need to know about Polycrete Big Block. It's a permanent, insulated concrete forming system. When the concrete cures, the steel reinforced polystyrene forms stay in place and become the insulation for the building.

Unlike reinforced masonry or traditional cast in place that is labor intensive, requires multiple steps and numerous subcontractors, Polycrete is the structural wall, building insulation and attachment point for interior and exterior finishes all in one step.

Thinking of building with wood? A wood framed building has a useful life of 35 years. A Polycrete ICF building lasts more than twice as long, requires less maintenance, boasts lower insurance costs, won’t burn down and won’t blow down.

Polycrete’s continuous R-21 insulation can be effortlessly boosted to R-30 or even higher and cuts your monthly heating bills by 40% or more.  Polycrete walls are virtually soundproof and a 6” wall carries a 4 hour fire rating. This system costs less than CMU, tilt-up and precast walls with similar performance characteristics. 

ICF technology has been used on award-winning affordable housing projects in the United States and Canada. Here’s a link to our technical data, this is our product info, and this is the full story on how Polycrete is different from other ICFs.

We can even supply a complete pre-cut ICF kit. You send us your plans, we cut all the ICFs in our factory and deliver a complete numbered and labelled kit to the jobsite, ready to assemble. This reduces time and labor in the field and nearly eliminates jobsite waste altogether.

If you send us a set of plans, we will get you a budget price or a hard bid, whichever you need.

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