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Pre-construction is Where the Real Magic Happens

With Polycrete’s XpressWall program, we’re going to make a complete ICF wall kit for your building. Does not matter how big it is. We do this for 80,000 square feet of wall as easily as for a single family house.

In the pre-construction phase, we collect all the information we need from you to do a virtual build of your entire building with our proprietary software.

You start out by sending us your plans in CAD or PDF format. They have to be original files, with no scans, so it’s all machine readable.  The plans need to include all dimensions, including rough opening and center of window/door dimensions, as well as elevator/stairwell dimensions. 

Floor, ceiling, and roof systems need be specified at this stage. If you’re going to use InsulDeck floors, we’ll coordinate with their engineers and your engineers to make sure everything melds together smoothly.  

 We’re going to mark up your plans. We’ll color code and indicate our understanding with regard to exact wall heights, parapet height, wall thicknesses, which Polycrete product will be used, and all other details.

For instance, you may have a 10” thick foundation wall, 6” thick main walls, first floor walls 14’ tall, upper floors 9’6”, and Polycrete V1 forms in the stairways and elevator shafts. All of this will be marked up and color coded directly on your plans and sent back to you for verification.

 Once you’ve approved the markups, we’ll scan your plans into our system and create the virtual build of your building. Each individual block will be identified and located, and each cut will be specified. We then send these renderings back to you for final approval before fabrication begins. The drawings you receive at this stage will include floor plans and elevations from all sides.

Pages from 3640 Polycrete USA State Street project 3rd floor plans d'installation-2.jpg
Pages from 3640 Polycrete USA State Street project 3rd floor plans d'installation.jpg

When you sign off on these final markups, we create cut lists and labels which are sent to the shop floor where your blocks are cut and palletized by floor and row. You will receive a detailed, row by row installation plan like the one shown below.

Pages from 3640 Polycrete USA State Street project 3rd floor plans d'installation-3.jpg

Each one of the balloons in this drawing bears the number of a specific ICF form, and there is a label on the form with the corresponding number. You’ll get one page per row (or course) of ICF. So if it’s a 10 foot wall, you’ll have 5 courses and 5 pages. When you see a number in one of the balloons duplicated, that means the blocks have identical cuts or are standard uncut blocks.

The outside of each pallet of Polycrete ICFs is clearly marked so you know which rows are included on that pallet. Cut blocks and standard (uncut) blocks are packaged separately.

Our objective is always to simplify your construction project. We have created a wall system and construction process that eliminates steps, speeds up your schedule, and reduces the opportunities for errors.

Never forget that we are your ICF resource. We are happy to assist in the design, planning, and construction of your building. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Whether you’re just starting or an old hand with ICF, you can’t expect to know everything you need to know.

We want to hear from our clients as well. Many great ideas and many of our product innovations have come as a result of client feedback. Talk to us. Ask questions; tell us what you like and don’t like. Construction projects can complicated undertakings and communication is the key to success.

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