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Imagine A Building That Practically Builds Itself

A few months back, we told you about a six-story Polycrete apartment building on which the contractor built the entire ICF portion in 6 weeks – a floor a week. That included all of the structural walls, floors and roof.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could pull that off, but we used our secret weapon: XpressWall.


We start with your plans. We scan them into our proprietary software and produce a map for each floor of your building that shows the position and dimensions of each individual ICF block. You approve this map.

Polycrete technicians cut each block and affix a label that identifies the block with a unique number. That number corresponds to a location on the map. We palletize the blocks in the appropriate order and attach a detailed packing slip to each pallet.

What you receive at your job site is a perfectly cut, numbered and labelled ICF wall kit. All you have to do is assemble it, add rebar, pump concrete and you’re done.

Each ICF block has a label with a number that corresponds to a location on the map, so you spend less time figuring things out. You can just get to work.

No cutting is required, so you will save extraordinary amounts of time and labor. There is almost no ICF waste on an XpressWall jobsite, so you’ll also save on clean-up labor and dumpster costs.

Working on a tight urban footprint? Polycrete Big Block ICFs hinged metal cross ties already fold flat to take up less space. With no waste and no cutting station, an XpressWall job really maximizes your space efficiency and reduces clutter.

Owners love XpressWall buildings – rapid construction speed saves significant amounts of construction interest. Your building gets leased up and cash flowing that much faster, so it cuts carrying costs too.

XpressWall gives you these speed and efficiency bonuses on top of the expected Polycrete ICF benefits: Super energy efficiency, disaster resistance, longer useful life, lower maintenance costs and reduced insurance premiums.

To get started today, send us your plans in either PDF or any popular CAD format. We’ll do a preliminary scan and get you a no obligation cost estimate. Click here for more details and sample XpressWall documents. 

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