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Nudura’s “Little” Deception

Size Does Matter. That was the headline of a PolycreteUSA press release in March, 2013.

The notice was issued to announce Polycrete’s revolutionary 24” core-width ICF. It was, and still is, the largest core width available in a fully assembled ICF. Anywhere.  

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but imagine our surprise when we opened a recent issue of ICF Builder Magazine to find a Nudura ad headlined “Size Matters.”

Nudura has claimed for many years to be the largest “standard ICF in the industry.”  It’s not true, but Polycrete folks have always just chuckled among themselves and traded jokes about hand sizes and Nudura’s “little” deception.

“Deception” is a hard word, and Nudura’s right: size does matter. But ours is bigger than theirs, and they know it, so we wonder why they keep fibbing about it.

The Nudura ICF is only 12 square feet per block – 18” x 96” and the widest width they make is 12”. The standard Polycrete Big Block ICF is the largest ICF on the North American or European continent. It’s 24 inches tall and 96 inches long – 16 square feet – and we can make it up to 36” wide!

Why do you think we call it Big Block!

PolycreteUSA rolled out its “Commercial Grade ICF” slogan about 10 years ago because our massive and robust insulated concrete form is designed for commercial construction.

Polycrete’s EPS panels are reinforced by an embedded steel mesh so they withstand over 1,600 lbs of lateral pressure. This is an important consideration on commercial jobs where misshapen walls and blow outs can cost big bucks.

Shortly after, Fox Blocks mimicked PolycreteUSA with their claim to have an “Industrial Strength ICF” – another flattery, but since the Fox Block isn’t nearly as strong as Polycrete’s Big Block, it’s a little odd. What does industrial strength mean, anyway?

Polycrete’s newest product is called XpressWall®. It’s a fully pre-cut and numbered ICF wall kit that eliminates jobsite waste, minimizes labor and speeds construction. “Your building will practically build itself,” we say.

It’s nice to see the ICF manufacturers working together for a change, but if those guys want to use XpressWall® or the slogan: Your building will practically build itself® they’re going to have to license it from us.

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