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Floor a Week

If you're still putting up multi-story buildings with wood, skip this story and go back to clipping those dishwashing liquid coupons out of your newspaper. If you're building with masonry, read on.

Now, I don’t know how long it will take your guys to put up six stories of masonry, but a cast in place Polycrete ICF building can go up in six weeks.

This six-story Polycrete building went up one floor per week.

This six-story Polycrete building went up one floor per week.

It will cost you the same or less than masonry because you don’t need structural steel, insulation or framing on the inside of the wall.
A Polycrete wall is structural wall, insulation and attachment point for sheet rock and exterior finishes all in one step. Take a look at this slideshow.

If time and money are important, you need to look at Polycrete commercial grade Insulated Concrete Forms.

There are ICF buildings going up all over the USA these days, as forward-thinking architects and builders realize that ICF has made block masonry obsolete. Call or email us today for more info or a free quote.

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