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Polycrete's V1 - a one sided ICF that works

Polycrete Big Block V1 Series is the fast and effective solution for any cast in place concrete wall that requires insulation on one side and finished concrete on the other. From elevator shafts, stairwells and basements to garages, retail stores and entire warehouses. You are limited only by your imagination.

Polycrete’s V1 ICF has permanent EPS insulation on one side and a re-usable Richply ULTRAFORM® panel on the other.

Includes all the features you admire in our standard Big Block ICF: Great strength, 16 SQFT per block, metal cross tie system, custom core widths from 5-5/8” to 24”.

Conforms to variable height Split Blok specification: Panels come 12”, 18” and 24” high so you can mix and match panel height on the same block. Works perfectly with R-Stak enhanced insulation walls, too.

Best of all, V1 fits seamlessly with the XpressWall program, so it can be incorporated into all your pre-cut ICF wall projects.

V1’s Polycrete EPS panel is the same one we use on our Standard or Premium Big Block: 2.5” of steel-reinforced Type II expanded polystyrene insulation with horizontal galvanized steel fastening strips that act just like a metal stud laying on its side. Assembled with forty-eight 6 gauge steel wire cross ties, the EPS panel is ready to accept the strippable Richply traditional wood form.

Richply ULTRAFORM panels are factory coated with Nox-Crete release agent and predrilled with 48 oblong holes to receive the cross ties.

A 24” galvanized steel rod slips easily through the ends of each cross tie assembly and locks down the ULTRAFORM panel in seconds. After your concrete sets, pull out the rod and strip the ULTRAFORM panel just like any other traditional wood form.

This is the only one-sided ICF that actually works reliably in the field. Other ICF companies may advertise a one-sided ICF, but screws do not hold securely enough in their plastic ties to prevent blow outs. Polycrete’s positive rod and loop system locks down the wood panel in the blink of an eye and withstands over 1,600 lbs / sqft of lateral pressure during the pour.

Order only as many complete V1 Blocks as you need for your first pour. Insulation panels, ULTRAFORM panels and locking rods can all be purchased separately.  

You can download details in PDF or DXF format, and here's a link to the full brochure / specification.

For designers and builders in need of an insulated concrete form that features an easily strippable plywood form on one side, Big Block V1 Series is the answer. As always, we keep working harder to make your job easier.

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