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Video shows ICF costs less than plywood forms

Concrete contractor talks about why he switched from using plywood forms to ICF for his basement walls

Here’s a few points to consider when watching the video:

  • Polycrete Big Blocks are 25% larger than the ones shown so they go up faster. 
  • The contractor makes a comment about having “line up the webs.” Since Polycrete’s fastening system is horizontal, that’s not required and waste is reduced.
  • Notice the top edge of the wall. The inside has been ripped so that it is 6” lower than the outside. Polycrete’s Split-Blok line allows you to spec the panel height you need on each side (12”, 18” or 24”) which saves labor. 
  • In fact, we can make all the cuts in the factory and supply the contractor with a fully labeled and numbered kit ready to assemble, which nearly eliminates waste altogether. 
  • Zont bracing system works well, has low up front costs and you can re-use the framing lumber elsewhere on the job .

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