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New Year's Greeting from Bryant Wheeler

Well we have all made to the New Year. Yep, 2015. This will be a prosperous year for ICF. Over the last few years we have made big leaps and bounds in the construction field. Hard work, the ability to talk to architects, engineers and builders, great press. So now the owners understand what a real high performance building is and want their building built this way. No matter if it is a home or an 11 story building.

The world saw how ICF stood up against the mega storms that Mother Nature bought down on us. There was publicity about Net Zero Schools, where the school building not only protects our children and educators, but also sells power back to the grid while not spending taxpayer money on energy. Now they can hire more teachers or equipment needed for the children.

Yes, the well informed buyer is here. They are looking for the well informed builders and designers. We are here to help, no matter if this is your first ICF project or tenth. We have well trained installers who are tested on paper as well as in the field. We are always looking for more eager people to train. If you are a self-performing contractor and wish to be trained to install ICF, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Yes, if 2014 was any indication of what’s to come, 2015 will be great.

The economy is well on its way to being healed. Our young war heroes are home or on their way. They too need homes to raise their new families. Some of them were trained in military schools that were built with ICF. Some of our heroes slept in a barracks that was built of ICF. They understand the comfort of where they slept knowing they were surrounded by foam insulation housing thick concrete with steel bars for strength. Yes I see 2015 the year of the ICF. Even our government sees and understands the value.

While in my younger years as a builder talking to government project managers they did not care if they were saving energy or wasting resources. Now just look at them -- they build green LEED silver or better. Hell, you know if the government can see the value it certainly can't be hard to understand the concept of low to no waste, low to no energy, not destroying our forest, building something that has at least twice the life span and saves the tax payer money for ever.

Also, like everyone else, they love the speed of construction (as long as you use the right ICF for the job). Use the wrong one it's like anything else you do wrong it only cost you money and time. That's not really true either, it also cost your reputation, next job, the building industry’s confidence in ICF… all because one used the wrong product trying to save a penny. Hmm what did they really save?

I know that all these buildings can be built with CMU, steel, studs but they can't give the same value for the same cost and that’s just one more reason this will be the year of the ICF.

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy New Year!

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