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Fix it Anyway

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A time tested proverb, right?

Well, we came across an ad for GMC trucks the other day that talked about using a new process for making truck beds. Even though there’s nothing wrong with the old process, they found a way to make better truck-beds. GMC calls this mind-set “an adamant desire to fix the unbroken.”

 At PolycreteUSA, we have a similar approach. We don't try to figure out how much cost we can drive out of our ICF systems before customers complain, we ask, "How much better can we make this and still stay cost competitive? How can we make our customer's job easier and save them money at the same time?"

That’s why we came up with R-StakTM inserts. They're an innovative way to boost the thermal properties of an ICF wall. The standard routine isn't a broken process, but we fixed the hell out of it anyway. Learn how.

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