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Size Really Does Matter!

I thought our twelve inch wide Polycrete® Big Block™ was the biggest insulated concrete form in the world until our guys in Canada showed me their latest invention. It's a Big Block™ ICF with a twenty-four inch core. I'm not kidding.

This monster has a lot of uses and it's going to save contractors a lot of time. We've seen plenty of cast in place foundation walls that are too wide for our standard stable of Big Block™ products, but those days are gone. Now you can forget about humping around heavy traditional forms, setting them up, stripping them down, cleaning them and hauling them back to the yard every time you have a stem wall over a foot thick.

These two foot wide forms only weigh about thirty five pounds for every sixteen square feet of wall. Think about how fast and easy this is going to be. And the GC doesn't have to use an insulation sub either because the form is the insulation.

You know what else those guys up in Canada have come up with? Eighteen inch tall Big Block™. So now we have three heights: One foot, a foot and a half and two feet. For those of you who like to think in inches, that's 12", 18" and 24".

Three block heights makes it easier to get to the top of the wall. Cuts your waste, too. You'll never throw away more than a few inches off a rip and now you're less likely to have a to rip a Big Block™ in the first place.

So now you have the gears turning around in your head and I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that if we can make a twelve inch tall Big Block™ and we can make a twenty-four inch wide Big Block™, then we have invented the perfect ICF footing form. And you're right. Except that we haven't automated the process  to make the Big Block™ one foot tall by two foot wide. Yet. It's coming.

In the meantime, we can give you eighteen inch tall and twenty-four inch wide if you have a footing that deep, or we can give you the two foot tall by two foot wide and you rip it in the field. Either way, it's still going to save a lot of time and aggravation. Contact us for pricing on these special sizes over twelve inches thick– it's going to be quantity sensitive.

That leads me into the last bit of product news for the year, and the least fun. We are going to have a price increase effective January 1st. It's less than 5%. We've held our pricing even for almost two years, but steady increases in raw materials are forcing this on us. The good news is that if you get your order placed and paid for by December 15th, you can get in under that increase. Email us to request a copy of the new price list.

One other thing: the plant will close for the holidays on December 22nd and re-open on January 7th. Our office staff will be available to take your calls and discuss your projects, but we won't be able to ship any orders between those dates.

Please call us today so we can get your orders in before the price increase, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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