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Cornerstone Architects

PolycreteUSA believes it's important to make a big deal about great organizations we work with. Rich Morse of Cornerstone Architects long ago recognized the unique properties that Polycrete Big Block brings to ICF construction. Several years ago, he designed a mission critical structure with Big Block in mind and he pushed and shoved and worked it like a pit bull until it finally got built. Here's some information about his focused and dedicated design firm.

Cornerstone Architects is a full service architectural and interior design firm located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. They specialize in healthcare design and historic adaptive reuse.  The firm was founded in 1991 by Richard K. Morse and Richard T. Peterson. The pair worked together at a national healthcare design/build firm and was confident the experience and depth of knowledge they gained there would lead to success as an independent firm. 

The path turned out to be strategically rewarding during a difficult economic climate.  Cornerstone is now a leading competitor in the design arena completing successful projects working with developers, hospitals, private practices, and several educational institutions.   Cornerstone is client-focused. 

“At Cornerstone Architects we begin the design process by trying to gain an appreciation for our clients’ world.  We do this by engaging in a continual conversation.  Our goal is to listen, distill your needs, and provide you with intelligent, innovation, efficient solutions.”

Cornerstone expects nothing but the best from each team member and holds them to the highest standards.  With each project, objectives are simple and straight-forward:

  • Respond to the client’s needs
  • Make a distinguished statement
  • Contribute to the community
  • Remain environmentally conscious and responsible

“Our architectural and design services are led by an award-winning design team that works in synergy.  They tailor project management services to both small and large-scale, complex projects ….. from concept site planning and engineering to architectural and interior design to on-time - on-budget delivery.  A collaborative working relationship with our client is paramount while we maintain an intense focus on project cost and schedule management.”

Mission Critical Design by Cornerstone
Cornerstone believes constant communication and understanding among the architects, vendors, contractors, and clients is essential to a successful design and a happy client.  As a result, they begin the design process by actively “walking in the shoes of our clients and their customers.”  They immerse team members in the lives of the clients and work closely with key individuals to explore their priorities and “wish lists” for optimal results.

Cornerstone Architects is guided in the design process by basic principles.  Among these is to solve the client’s program on time and on budget and to design with the future in mind.  Will the building or space designed today make sense in ten years?  Cornerstone’s goal is to push the design response beyond typical expectations.

Cornerstone is also a seasoned player in the Federal Government Design/Build sector. They have designed mission-critical structures with Polycrete® Big Block™ ICFs that include blast resistance, AT/FP features and they fully understand progressive collapse prevention strategies. 

Cornerstone Architects 
23 West Broad Street, Suite 200
Richmond, Virginia 23220

2-16 Thurman St., PO Box 24185
Richmond, VA 23224

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