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It’s Time for Safer Schools

When seven tornadoes ripped through the Richmond metro area with the remnants of Hurricane Florence, area school administrators declared students should shelter in place. That was a smart decision, given the circumstances and resources. But what would have happened if that twister hit a school full of kids?

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Offsite Construction

Current US construction activity is ahead of peak 2007 levels and we’re doing it with half a million fewer workers.

Everyone in the construction business knows there’s a labor and skills shortage, and that shortfall is driving the trend in offsite construction. It just makes sense that the more you can do in the factory, the less you have to do in the field.

PolycreteUSA Executive VP Bryant Wheeler says, “I’ve been involved with offsite construction processes for much of my career. I was building modular housing in the 1980’s. I panelized wall systems for multi-family housing that we shipped and assembled overseas as far back as the 90’s. Pre-cutting and panelizing Polycrete ICF walls is just a natural next step.”

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Don't Ever Stick It

You want an attractive building. You choose interior and exterior finishes to catch the eye of the best tenants or buyers.

Meanwhile, the structural integrity of the building, which is not immediately apparent, is equally important. You feel it in the firmness of the floor, the satisfying thunk of a closing door, and acoustics so pure you can hear a cat walking on carpet.

Wood construction perched on a concrete block foundation is not the low cost way to build your mid-rise multi family structure. Four stories of stick framing can yield a building with a slew of problems born of complexity, and unintended consequences can rear their ugly head.

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Imagine A Building That Practically Builds Itself

A few months back, we told you about a six-story Polycrete apartment building on which the contractor built the entire ICF portion in 6 weeks – a floor a week. That included all of the structural walls, floors and roof.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could pull that off, but we used our secret weapon: XpressWall.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: We start with your plans. We scan them into our proprietary software...

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