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Polycrete Photo Galleries

Polycrete Big Block insulated concrete forms are used to construct a wide range of buildings. From mid-rise housing to medical office buildings; food processing and cold storage to blast resistant, secure structures built to Federal Government specifications. Browse these galleries and call or email us to discuss your project.

POLYCRETE PANELIZATION VIDEOS! - See how a test wall is put together and watch a time lapse of panelized ICF walls being flown into place on a new hotel project.

Brooklyn Mixed-Use - Six story; five units plus retail in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Secure Government building - Blast resistant with massive rebar 

Catskill Mountain Lodge - Legendary Mohonk Mountain house adds Polycrete-based private lodges on the Grand Hotel property. 

Various Commercial projects  - Broad selection from vehicle repair facility to student housing to cheese factory

Polycrete movie - Polycrete pictures with a soundtrack. If you like roots rock, crank it up. 

Floor A Week - slide show of a 6 story Polycrete building that went up in 6 weeks.

Polycrete Anime - Polycrete construction process animated  

Polycrete Installation Video -  (Below) Shows installation of an XpressWall pre-cut ICF building. this saves you a ton of time since l cuts are made in our factory and we deliver a full ICF wall kit to your jobsite. 

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