Simplify resilient, energy efficient construction

Different kind of company and a different way to build

Polycrete Big Block is a different kind of construction system and PolycreteUSA is a different kind of company. We use a collaborative team approach to make it easy to design, build and own energy efficient structures. We mean it. 

For architects, we have typical details in PDF / DXF formats, and make it a breeze to access all our ICC data. We're happy to meet with your client and help you present the system. We stand ready to fill you with all the technical knowledge you need to be fully informed on ICFs and the ancillary products you need to spec for a successful build. 

We support General Contractors: if you need shop drawings, we get you shop drawings. We have a technical rep available to be onsite for every project. If a job runs into difficulties, we don’t hide behind voice mail or email, we put a qualified technical person on the job to make it right.

We protect our installers -- you're our bread and butter. Say you bring an ICF project to our attention and after the bidding’s over and the dust settles, Polycrete Big Block is the chosen ICF but some other installer won the bid. You’re going to get a sales commission anyway because you deserve it. When a GC asks us for a turnkey price, we don’t send out the project to a half dozen installers and let them fight it out. We send it to the one we think is best positioned to do the job. If they can’t do it, we send it to the next one.

If you’re a developer interested in Polycrete construction, we can bring together the complete team or any combination of components:  architects, engineers, contractors and installation subs.

Want to do a net zero energy building? We can put that team together too. We even have a tax credit consultant on the team who can help you take advantage of energy efficiency tax benefits.     

Polycrete Big Block’s a different kind of construction system

For decades America's been building commercial buildings with cast in place concrete, concrete block, and steel and glass.

If you're building with steel and glass, talk to us about foundations. Concrete block? Learn what separates Polycrete from reinforced masonry. Traditional cast in place? You're going to be amazed to learn how we 're different from cast in place concrete. 

Looking at other ICFs? Go ahead and look, but look at us last. Polycrete is the world's technology leader in Insulated Concrete Forming systems. Polycrete engineers have targeted the difficulties in ICF construction and focused on eliminating them. Get the details here.  

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